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AGREEMENTS Center Val de Loire offers a range of rewards to its members. Medals and trophies, delivered with a diploma, are awarded to musicians and companies according to their investment and/or their presence for the influence of music and the arts in the region.

The medals, bronze, silver or gold, are struck in the colors of Loir-et-Cher by  Arthus-Bertrand, and delivered in a box from the same house.

The support ribbons (for the medals) are decorated with stars, ribbons, palms or rosettes according to the needs of the companies and according to the services of the recipient(s).

Trophies are also available for musicians, conductors and orchestras.


You will find the details (and prices) of the rewards by downloading the PDF below.

Robert GARNIER is in charge of award management, collection of needs, preparations and shipments.

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