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Sat, 14 Aug


The Moats of Onzain


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14 Aug 2021, 20:30

The Moats of Onzain, 7 Rue de l'Ecrevissière, 41150 Veuzain-sur-Loire, France

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The part of mystery surrounding its composition and its sponsor as well as the original date of the score, the incredible training required for its implementation, the never-surpassed quality of its writing for 12 voices (we will have to wait for Stravinsky in 1952 & his Concertino to 12 for a composer to dare to approach such broad training and writing), are all marks which make Mozart's Serenade K361 a true “musical Mona Lisa”. 

If the piece is well known to knowledgeable music lovers, everyone has already heard it without necessarily knowing it; indeed Milos Forman in Amadeus (the film with 8 Oscars and 53 awards) gives it pride of place: it is this piece (a tasty montage of the 3rd and 7th movements) which is played in the salons of the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg then that Wolfgang and Constance banter under the reception tables and that later Salieri realizes the composer's total dichotomy.

We invite you to rediscover this incomparable piece through an epistolary journey highlighting the different facets of the brilliant Mozart.

Oboe I & II Olivier POULAIN Médéric RIVEREAU

Clarinets I & II Vincent RIÈS Christian MONNE

Basset horns I & II Stasys MAKŠTUTIS Eric OLOMBEL


Bassoons I & II Vincent LEGOUPIL Louise LAPIERRE

Bass Thierry LEU

Reciting Alain CARRÉ

Direction Claude KESMAECKER

Alain CARRÉ Reciting

Actor and Director Artistic Director of the Festival of Lights in Montmorillon (France) Artistic Director of the Theater Festival AUTOUR DE MADAME DE STAËL (Switzerland) French language musician

It is an invitation to a journey of words, a unique space between poetry and theatricality. Actor-director, this troubadour of words is on an ambitious journey: proving that the art of speaking is also a performing art. Two hundred performances per year in Belgium, Switzerland, especially France, but also in Germany, Poland, Morocco, Israel, Brazil, Spain…

A man of challenges, he took up those of directing and performing The Song of Roland, The Testament of François Villon, the complete works of Arthur Rimbaud, Letters to a Young Poet by R.M. Rilke, the songs of Jacques Brel, The Diary of a Genius by Salvador Dali, Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche, The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire…

In the theater, he directed Amélie Nothomb, Eric Emmanuel Schmitt, Pierre Corneille, Alfred Jarry, Marguerite Duras, Alfred de Musset, Joseph Vebret, Molière…

Music fascinates him. He integrates it into most of his shows. His meetings with Jean-Claude Malgoire, Gabriel Garrido, the Café Zimmermann (Pablo Valetti and Céline Frisch), the Paladins (Jérôme Corréas) led him to the staging of operas which he approached with passion. He creates shows where the text mixes with the music with the quartets Ludwig, Manfred, Parisii, Psophos…

As a reciter with orchestra, he performs the French creation of Axion Esti by M.Theodorakis with the Swiss Romande orchestra. He works under the direction of John Nelson (Orchestre de Paris – Théâtre des Champs-Elysées), Charles Dutoit (Orchestre de la Suisse Romade and Orchester de la Tonhalle de Zurich), Yan Pascal Tortelier (Orchestre de Paris – Théâtre des Champs-Elysées ) …He regularly shares the stage with Brigitte Fossey.

But one of his greatest thrills lies in the unexpected shows he puts on with pianist François-René Duchâble. Around sixty creations in their repertoire, the writing of which is entirely carried out by him! He publishes “Jan Van de Driessche – painter” (out of print), participates in numerous publications by Racines, Outre-Part, etc.

As a teacher, he provided thirty years of training for professional actors in Brussels, Mons, Liège, Annecy and Geneva.

He was artistic director of the Théâtre Les Salons de Genève from 2010 to 2012. Currently, he devotes himself exclusively to touring and writing (libretto for an opera “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” having received support from the Beaumarchais Foundation -SACD – Paris with the composer Sophie Lacaze and a play “La Poule de charme”).

Alain Carré is above all a voice that can be found on around a hundred CDs from his large repertoire as well as numerous recordings for France Culture.

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