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Tribute to the great African-American divas
and to all those they inspired

From the 1950s to today, the great African-American divas have influenced entire generations. These women, extraordinary, by their musical talent but also by their courage, their rebellion against injustice, discrimination of any kind, racial, gender or even to fight against the abuses of the music industry, have left an indelible mark on contemporary music. It is to these women, these musicians, these icons as well as their heirs, that we will pay tribute. From Aretha Franklin to Beyoncé via Alicia Keys, Nina Simone or Gloria Gaynor, we will travel into these musical universes which have lost none of their seduction or their socio-political power and which resonate in us with a strange relevance. Disco, Soul, R'N'B... or how the dancefloor is transformed into a place of demands.

This course is open, subject to availability, to wind and percussion instrumentalists and "current" instruments, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboard from the 6th year level and of course to singers with 'a good level.

The internship takes place at the Lycée d’Enseignement Général et Technoologique de Vendôme (LEGTA41 -
Accommodation is offered in rooms for 5/6 or 2/3 people.
Meals, taken in the Lycée cafeteria, are prepared by a team specifically recruited for the
As in 2022, the youngest are placed under the responsibility and kindness of our two facilitators, Mélody and Claire.


Course, full board in a room for 5/6 people: €230
Course, full board in a room for 2/3 people: €260
 (subject to availability)


from April 24 to 28, 2023
full board
at the LEGTA in Vendôme

Friday April 28, 2023
final concert
Vendôme LEGTA Auditorium (time to be confirmed)

the team

stephane montigny


A specialist in Afro-Colombian music, he can be found all over the world with the La Belle Image brass band, Yapunto and the biggest names in salsa.

He studied with Glenn Ferris in the jazz class of the CNSM and performed in most Parisian big bands.

Co-leader of the quartet Le Monde de Kota and now of the groups Groov'Bones and Méloblast. He also accompanied Bénabar, -M-, Olivia Ruiz, Dionysos, Raul Paz…

thierry jammes

cornet & trumpet

Studied cornet and trumpet at the Orléans Conservatory, improvisation at the Jazz school in Tours and composition of music for screen at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris.

Practices Latin American music (La Belle Image company), jazz and improvisation (Méloblast sextet, Big Band Sway, Projekt Big Band, Louis Winsberg's Kekanta ensemble), pop (Arcan collective) and the show " young audience” (the ensemble Dans La Fôret).

stephane decouard


Guitar teacher and Current Music workshops for the music schools of the Cadences 41 Network: Saint Gervais la Forêt, La Chapelle Vendômoise, Herbault, Cellette. Guitar teacher at the Montrichard music school. Guitarist of the groups Lisa Team Soul, The Garden Band (theatrical improvisation accompaniment), Forty One Rock (covers). From 2000 to 2015: Music speaker in the schools of Saint Sulpice de Pommeray, Chailles, Cellettes, at the La Chapelle Vendômoise/Villefrancoeur/Lande le Gaulois school group. From 1993 to 2020: guitar teacher at the CAF of Blois, at the music school of Muides-St Dyé-Montlivault, at the Cercle Gervaisien of St Gervais la Forêt, at the Collège du Prieuré in Sambin (41), Langage Musiques Actuelles and bass guitar at the Chaussée St Victor music school (41), Artistic Teaching Assistant in the city of Blois. Musical groups: Sawt el Atlas, Beaubourg, Emji

dominique neighbor

internship director

An oboist, he took his first musical steps at the Beaugency harmony in 1971, and continued a classical oboe course which took him to the CNSM in Paris where he obtained, in 1988, a 1st prize in Master Maurice's class. Bourgue.


Passionate about teaching, he obtained the certificate of aptitude in 1996. He currently teaches at the CRD in Blois where he is in charge of the oboe class and various orchestra classes. For several years he has been carrying out transversal projects between classical music and current music: Zappa project, Deep Purpple, Pink Floyd...


Alongside teaching, he continued his career as a classical musician, with chamber music (the Népomuk octet, the Kaleïdoson sextet...) with the symphony orchestra (Orchestre d'Orléans, Ensemble Orchestral 41...) and with the Harmony Orchestra (co-founding member of the Central Region regional harmony). In addition, since 2000 he has been interested in early music with the baroque oboe (Gebaub, Musique d'Avance, Concert Spirituel).


His curiosity led him to explore other musical universes, in 1986 he opened up to jazz and was a trombonist in several groups for 12 years: he founded the “Big Band à Part” and was a member of the Big Band d'Orléans and the Big Band A Suivre). In 1996, he had a major adventure by founding the Latin Fanfare “La Belle Image” where he was a clarinetist until 2014. Since 2002, he has turned to traditional music with the Mediterranean oboe, Langedocian auboe, Catalan tiple and tenora, he is a tenorist at the cobla de Banyuls from 2013 to 2015. Currently his project is to continue, through different instrumental practices, the learning of new musical forms (South American repertoire, traditional Mediterranean music, fusion.

karl vandenbusche

piano & saxophone

A well-known poly-instrumentalist musician on the regional scene, Karl VANDENBUSSCHE is Director of the CAP MUSIC school in Romorantin-Lanthenay, responsible for current music and jazz classes at the Romorantin-Lanthenay Conservatory, and also runs improvisation workshops.

His career takes him from the Tours Conservatory to the Orléans Jazz Academy, via Jazz à Tours and even workshops and improvisation courses with big names;such as Pierre Alain Goualche, Jean-Marie Ecay, Mario Canonge, Pierre de Betmann, Jérôme Rateau, among many others.

He has been performing since the age of 16 and has played for 20 years in numerous Rhythm & Blues and Jazz. 

His experiences as a teacher, trainer, on stage, in the studio and in organizing training courses complete his career as a musician.

elsa beyer


Singer trained in World Music (Tamia Valmont, Christophe Hiriart), jazz and improvised music (Sheila Jordan, Noel Akchoté, Ronald Baker, Patricia Ouvrard). She also trains in body techniques (Feldenkrais, Alexander). She sings in multiple groups, collectives in the Central Region, from duets to Big Bands in jazz, rock, funk, world music (ZBMF, Tentet Amathusia, Big Band Sway, Jean-Marie Macahado, Jean-Christophe Cholet, etc.). .). At the same time, she developed her career as a teacher in Current Music (Conservatoire, CFMI, specialized associations) and regularly intervenes in the structures of the SMAC network.

nicolas bayeux

guitar & low

Nicolas fostered a taste for music from a very young age, but it’s up to  15 years ago he discovered a passion that would never leave him for current music. He then started playing electric guitar and then electric bass guitar. After a stint at the jazz school in Tours, where he obtained his MIMA in electric bass, he entered the CRD in Blois in the DEM contemporary music sector. After obtaining the state diploma in electric bass at the Pôle Aliénor in Poitiers, he returned to the Loir et Cher to provide guitar and bass lessons and contemporary music workshops. He is bassist and composer of the group Skawax (party rock) since 2013.

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